Rabies & Amphetamines

Many challenges in updating the tale of Childe Burun/Harold/Byron closing in.  What to do with Harold recklessly wiping the slaver off Boatswain the dog when it got rabies? There hasn’t been a case of rabies in the U.K. since 1922.

Harold/Byron goes from being a fat, lame boy to a slender, beautiful young man with a rolling gait, by eating 1/2 pound of meat a day with some wine, mostly water and wearing great coat and 3 layers of waistcoats while playing cricket.  Today he would probably use uppers.

This is not your father’s Childe.

New book: Harry Childers

I am working on a modernized, retelling of Byron’s Childe Harold.  The dedicatory poem becomes song lyrics.  Having fun if nothing else which does not mean that I am not in earnest.

To Bryony


In all the places where I will be straying,

And I am going far,

All the lovely women I will see,

Will  never have your dark charms


No one will believe how beautiful you are

No one will believe how beautiful you are

Sparkling in the pure moonlight


The words of devotion your love inspires

The lyrics I that I sing

enshrine your enchanting memory

in hearts across the wide world


No one will ever believe how beautiful you are

No one will ever believe how beautiful you are

Sparkling in the pure moonlight



If all you will accept is my friendship,

and won’t be my lover,

then let me stand by your side

to guard and guide you through


No one will ever believe how beautiful you are

No one will ever believe how beautiful you are

Sparking in the pure moonlight.






Note to Bryony- Do you remember when we were children, and I asked, ‘Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

Now I ask heaven to help me tell the world how beautiful you are.  Harryharry childers book cover final








LB and dogNew Book: Novelization of major Byron poem, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

Childe Harold begins with a poem dedicated to a woman he calls Ianthe who has been identified as Lady Jane Harley.

I am thinking the novel which is set in 2017 should begin with song lyrics.

Need a woman’s name and lyrics which loosely or creatively follow To Inez

And, of course, he will need a dog with a Shakespearean name.

New Book

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Having finish a young adult novel which will later need revisions, I am ready to begin a new book.  I have two ideas going, a fictionalized life of Lord Byron and a modernized novelization of Byron’s breakthrough, bestselling poem Childe Harold.  The latter would be entitled Harry Childers


It Hurts


I am writing the last chapter of a young adult novel entitled A Harrowing in Sleepy Hollow.  After the Halloween hayride takes it final run, the young protagonist, Jake Slade, will keep his head but have his face and hands badly burned.

I never become attached to the characters I create until chapter three or so. Then they embed themselves in my ❤️.

This hurts.


There is the possibility of a contract but if that doesn’t work out look for it on Amazon in late summer along with We Killed Ichabod. 


In finalizing this novel, We Killed Ichabod, I need to stay glued to my laptop.  Since the book has Sleepy hollow Boy pranks in it, some wag played a joke on me.  Doorbell rang as if the visitor from hell was at the door.

I will take my inspiration from wherever and whomever I can!